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Ancient Egypt resource: Crack the hieroglyphic code

The Ancient Egyptians written language, the hieroglyphs, are a fascinatingly fun way to engage your class in learning about the period – with some handy coding and algorithmic reinforcement along with way.

And with this free resource, you can do exactly that. Featuring two unique activities over three sheets, our Ancient Egyptian resource is the perfect way to bring the hieroglyphs classroom.


Crack the hieroglyphic code: Download our free resource

Crack the code and then play the sands of time game based on the hieroglyphic alphabet with this resource for KS1 or KS2.

Resources come courtesy of the Scholastic Resource Bank.



What’s included in this Ancient Egypt hieroglyphic alphabet pack?

This three-worksheet resource contains two distinctive activities that can keep your class engaged on the topic of hieroglyphics. One details the hieroglyphic alphabet with associated questions and the other adapts that into a fun game to be played in groups.


How can this resource my primary class?

Hieroglyphic learning is fantastic for enhancing knowledge of sequences and algorithms, which are key to enforcing coding knowledge.

The first two worksheets detail a list of common hieroglyphics and gives each of them an associated letter in the English alphabet. It also contains a list of tasks for pupils to complete, such as working out words from a sequence of hieroglyphics or writing your name.

The second worksheet takes this knowledge and applies it to a game named the Sands of Time, which challenges pupils to translate words into hieroglyphics against the clock.


What other Ancient Egypt resources can I download?

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Ancient Egypt: Explore our content hub

Get ahead of your planning for next term with Ancient Egypt topic hub. From craft videos to free worksheets, it contains everything you need to engage your class next term.

Included in the hub:

  • Free downloadable resources
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And it’s all free! Explore the Hope Education Ancient Egypt topic hub and prepared for next term.


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