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Resource: How the Ancient Egyptians made mummies

Mummification is one of the most excitingly gruesome topics to cover in any period of history. Your class is certain to be enthralled by it when learning about Ancient Egypt.

With this worksheet, you can delve into the process step-by-step, discussing the weird and wonderful process with your class as you go.


Making a mummy: Free Ancient Egypt resource download

Download this free handout to distribute to your class when learning all about the Ancient Egyptian process of mummification.

Resources come courtesy of the Scholastic Resource Bank.  


What’s included in this Ancient Egypt mummification worksheet?

This handout details the step-by-step process of mummification. From removing the brain to sealing the entrance to the tomb, the fascinating ancient process is broken down here into 10 distinctive steps.


How can this resource my primary class?

This handout is an excellent way to introduce the topic of mummification as you detail exactly how it works. With associated imagery of each step, each pupil can follow along as you address the whole class.

From there, you could build on your mummification knowledge by:

  • Mummifying something as a class, such as some fruit
  • Crafting a model sarcophagus
  • Making a mummy out of someone in the class


What other Ancient Egypt resources can I download?

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Ancient Egypt: Explore our content hub

Get ahead of your planning for next term with Ancient Egypt topic hub. From craft videos to free worksheets, it contains everything you need to engage your class next term.

Included in the hub:

  • Free downloadable resources
  • Fun facts and activities
  • Craft and wall display guides

And it’s all free! Explore the Hope Education Ancient Egypt topic hub and prepared for next term.


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