7 home learning activities to set

4 Jun 2020 | Ideas for Teaching & Learning, Primary

Do you think the children in your class can make their own breakfast? Plant a seed? Wrap a present? These are all practical life skills that aren’t just nice-to-haves; providing people with skills they can use to be independent gives them confidence to ‘have a go’ at tasks and problems they have never done before. This is a skill that could be applied to a more academic focussed curriculum.

But, teaching life skills at school, with an already jam-packed curriculum, can be pretty difficult to do. We have collated some great home learning activities that could be set for homework. You may need the help and support of parents on some of these, but if at the end of it, their children can do the laundry and make their own breakfast, everyone’s a winner!


Doing the washing

A maths lesson on measurements of liquids should cover the amount of detergent required to do a load of washing. Then asking parents to show their children the different steps involved in doing a wash and the correct settings on their washing machine. This will help to reduce mishaps with shrinkage and colour running.


Plant some seeds

It’s really common for young children to do science experiments at school that demonstrate what a seedling needs to grow healthily. But what about taking that a step further and planting the seeding into the ground to see what happens? Provide children simple instructions, for example:

  1. Dig a hole that is slightly larger than the container your seedling/plant is in.
  2. Remove the seeding/plant from the pot and place it in the hole.
  3. Push the soil back around the seedling/plant and gently pat it down being careful not to knock the seedling too much.
  4. Water it when there hasn’t been rain for a long time.
  5. Take weekly/monthly pictures of its progress.


Wrapping a gift

With all the children’s parties that your pupils attend every weekend, you’d hope they’d know how to wrap a present. Encourage them to ask their parent or guardian to show them, or find an online guide or YouTube video. There are tons of really clever ways to use up scraps of gift wrap. It’s also a great opportunity for children to let creativity and ribbon run away with them!


Writing a letter

Children definitely do this at school, but practice makes perfect. Plus, writing letters isn’t just about the correct use of adverbials. Writing letters is about communication and building relationships. Encourage children to write a heartfelt letter to someone they love. It’s a special bonding experience and the receiver will love you for it, too.


Preparing a meal

Preparing a meal doesn’t have to be dangerous or complicated. A quick and easy breakfast could just be mixing fruit, yoghurt and some oats. But this simple task not only helps mum and dad out, it’s also practice for using enough ingredients for the amount of meals you need to make.

The BBC has an entire range of recipes aimed at children. Try to get children to share pictures of what they have made and be proud of their achievements. You never know who in your class might be the next Mary Berry!


We all rely heavily on GPS. But good old fashioned map reading can still come into its own and it’s a great life skill to have. Children could draw their own maps of their houses or garden and create their own treasure hunt. Or, they could download free maps of their favourite museum or zoo and follow along virtual tours that many of these establishments have on their websites.


Tidying their room

This may seem like a simple and obvious task. But setting children the job of tidying their room encourages a certain level of discipline as well as organisation skills. It also helps children take responsibility for their own spaces and actions. If you set it as homework, they might be more encouraged to give it a go, too!


If you have any ideas for life skills home learning activities, let us know what you set and how it went by sharing with us on twitter, @HopeEducationUK or on our Facebook page.


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