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Craft: How to make simple egg carton flowers

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Find a fun way to make use of those used up egg cartons and tin cans with this simple craft idea. In just a few steps, you’ll transform them until into a beautiful bouquet of egg carton flowers.

Perfect for Mother’s Day or Easter, have a go at this primary-aged craft with you class or as a parent at home with your child. Use the link below the video to get everything you need for this craft at Hope Education.




Total time

1 hour 10 minutes





Step 1

Using scissors, cut up your egg cartons until they resemble flowers. You’ll need to carefully trim away the excess.

Note: Always ask an adult to help you


Step 2

Experiment with the style and shape of your flowers. Try cutting slits to make individual petals, or doubling up to make more layers to your flowers.


Step 3

Paint your flowers and leave them to dry.


Step 4

Using PVA glue, glue a craft button into the center of each flower. Leave until dry and the glue is clear.


Step 5

Take two pipe cleaners and twist them together to make a firm stem.


Step 6

Use scissors to cut a long and thin piece of card. Make sure it is long enough to reach around the tin can.

Note: Always ask an adult to help you.


Step 7

Using a glue stick, attach a row of craft sticks along the piece of card. Press down on each stick for a few seconds to hold it in place. Keep going until you are almost all the way across the strip of card.


Step 8

Apply plenty of PVA glue to the back of the strip of card.


Step 9

Roll the line of craft sticks along the tin can. Hold it in place and leave to dry.

Once it’s dry, fill in any gaps with more craft sticks.


Step 10

Apply some PVA glue to the back of each flower and pipe cleaner. Hold it in place for several seconds and leave to dry.



Step 11

Apply the finishing touch by filling you tin can with paper grass.

Now all that’s left is to add your flowers in the tin!


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William Hinch

Hope Education writer

Will has been writing for Hope Education since July 2020, helping provide teachers with tips, advice and insight that helps them educate the next generation. Away from his educational writing, Will is a typical Yorkshireman; a lover of ale, cricket and tea!

12 March 2021

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