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Craft: How to make a 3D hot air balloon

Take your pupils up, up and away with this hot air balloon craft, perfect for crafty afternoons. You can use the link below to get the materials needed to make this simple and fun homemade hot air balloon.




Total time

20 minutes





Step 1

Fold your piece of paper in half lengthwise and draw out a hot air balloon template.


Step 2

Cut out your hot air balloon template.


Step 3

Fold the coloured pieces of card in half lengthways.


Step 4

Fold your template around the pieces of card. Using a pencil, draw around the template.


Step 5

Cut out the card balloons.

Note: Always ask an adult for help.


Step 6

Using a glue stick, glue your balloon pieces together.



Step 7

Cut a piece off your cardboard tube about an inch long for the basket.

Note: Always ask an adult to help you. 


Step 8

Cut off 4 even lengths of string about 4/5 inches long.

Note: Always ask an adult for help.


Step 9

Use PVA glue to stick each piece of string inside the basket, placing them evenly around.


Step 10

In the bottom corners of the balloon, use a sharp pencil to poke holes through for the basket strings

Note: Always ask an adult for help.


Step 11

Thread the basket strings through the holes and tie knots to secure them in place.


Step 12

Use a sharp pencil to poke two holes in the balloon on opposite sides.

Note: Always ask an adult for help.


Step 13

Cut a longer length of string. Poke each end through the holes you just made and tie knots.


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Talitha McLachlan

Hope Education writer

Talitha worked as a primary and secondary teacher for 9 years before turning her hand to writing. She is passionate about effective education of children and supporting teachers to do this. In her free time, Talitha enjoys sewing, films, and spending time with her two cats.

19 February 2021

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