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Using adjectives: Worksheet pack

Are you introducing adjectives to your class in their next English lesson? This resource pack is the ideal companion for pupils in KS1.

With four worksheets to complete, our adjectives exercise pack will keep your class busy, helping them improve their knowledge from a variety of different angles.


Adjectives practice for primary education: A resource pack

Download our free adjectives resource pack and help your class improve a vital part of their English competence. 


What’s included in this resource?

This collection of adjectives worksheets contains four different exercises, each coming at the topic from a different angle. Included is:

  • Selecting a predetermined adjective and finding an appropriate noun to couple it with
  • Coming up with your own adjective to complete a sentence
  • Grouping adjectives based on what they commonly describe
  • Thinking of an adjective for every letter in the alpahabet


Why are adjectives important?

Adjectives play an important role in expanding a child’s vocabulary and improving their ability to express themselves.

We use adjectives every day to describe things, and sometimes that might include our feelings or mood. Equip a child with knowledge of adjectives and they will be able to recognise and express their feelings more creatively. 


What is an adjective?

The official Oxford dictionary definition of an adjective is:

“a word naming an attribute of a noun, such as sweet, red, or technical.”

Some examples of adjectives include:

  • The slow cow
  • The large ocean
  • The quick red car


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24 April 2021

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