Summer holiday activities quiz

summer holiday activities quiz- children running in woodlands

Summer holiday activities quiz

Stuck on what to do to entertain your family during the summer holidays? Take our summer holiday activities quiz to give you a few ideas on what you can do during the long holiday. There are many different outcomes to suit different budgets and weather types for the temperamental UK summer weather. 

You can do this quiz any time you are struggling to think of fun activities to do for the day to give you multiple ideas. Take this quiz now to keep kids entertained on any type of day.


How to play

Answer each question truthfully to get the best results. Click on your answer and the quiz will automatically take you to the next question. Some questions have multiple-choice answers, so you can choose more than one! In this case, press the submit button to move onto the next question.

Once you have answered all eight questions, a result will come up on the screen. The results will advise you on budget to spend and indoor or outdoor activities depending on the weather. There are multiple activity ideas for each result to help you decide on something the whole family will love.


Reuse this quiz anytime throughout the holidays when you are stuck on what summer holiday activities to do. Gain inspiration and ideas to do for any weather, budget and interests. Try some of these amazing activities out that kids will love and make the summer holiday packed full of fun. 

For some more inspiration, check out our summer activities for kids blog. 

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Amber Vaccianna

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2 August 2023

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