St George’s Day Dragon Craft

18 Mar 2024 | Inspirational Activity Ideas, Nursery and Early Years

We’ve got a fun craft activity to try with your little ones this St George’s Day! Get your art supplies ready as you and your children have a go at our St George’s Day dragon craft kindly made by playful_porter.


What you’ll need:


Step 1

Wrap your cardboard toilet paper tube in green paper or paint it with green paint.

wrpping toilet roll in green card


Step 2

Stick two wiggly eyes onto two pom-poms.

Adding wiggly eyes to dragon craft


Step 3

Stick your pom-poms onto the back of your tube with the eyes facing forward.


Step 4

Add two smaller pom-poms for the nose.


Step 5

Add any details with a coloured pen of your choice.

Constructing the Easter basket together


Step 6

Stick strips of crepe paper inside the bottom of the tube.

Adding the handle to the basket


Step 7

Add wings to your dragon if you fancy!


Step 8

Blow through the end to make the fire float around!

Completed Easter basket


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