St George’s Day: Activities for Preschool

26 Mar 2021 | Inspirational Activity Ideas, Nursery and Early Years

We have put together some brilliant St George’s Day activities for preschool, consisting of some inspiring crafts to do with the little ones in your setting. Celebrate by raiding the art & craft cupboard and creating your very own patriotic crafts, including this medieval castle, a sword and shield.

What you could use for your crafts:

  1. Cardboard box (order from us and you’ll receive your order in one!)
  2. Paper backed foil roll
  3. Scissors
  4. Glue
  5. Metallic paint
  6. Tissue paper
  7. Paint sticks

Medieval Castle

This St George’s Day activity is a brilliant group project perfect for pre-schoolers to do together and doesn’t cost much, either! It is a great opportunity to recycle your unwanted cardboard boxes and turn them into something exciting for all the children to join in with.

Step 1: Take a large cardboard box that’s preferably already put together and start by either folding in the top or cutting it off – leaving the ‘roof’ open.

Step 2: Cut gaps around the top edge to make the castle roof and cut holes in the front to make windows and a door. It might be easier to draw this on first, before cutting.

Step 3: Use metallic paint and cover the outside of the box before leaving to dry – we used silver.

Step 4: Once it is dry, you can begin decorating. You could use paint sticks, buttons, tissue paper and felt to make doors, flags, trees, and window frames.

Step 5: Once adding your decorative resources, leave the glue to dry before adding some characters and letting the children enjoy some role play.

Sword and Shield

This activity is a St George’s Day classic and offers the perfect opportunity for the children to dress up and use their own, hand-made accessories as part of their outfits! This is great for role play activities and teaching children more about the history of St George’s Day.

Step 1: Take some cardboard from an old box, or use some large pieces of cardboard paper, and cut out a sword and shield shape. You can use the images below to follow the shape.

Step 2: You can paint them or not, we decided not to and just decorated instead!

Step 3: Take your foil roll and cut strips to make a cross for the Shield, before gluing down with PVA or a glue stick.

Step 4: Cut a square of cardboard with a slit down the middle and slide on to the end of your sword to separate it from the handle.

Step 5: Decorate both using whatever you like! We used tissue paper, buttons, and paint sticks.


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Or if you like this craft and wish to see more activity ideas – click here and be inspired

Happy craft-making and Happy St George’s Day!

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