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Prefix, suffixes and root words: A worksheet pack

Root words, and the prefixes and suffixes that attach themselves to them, are an important part of understanding the English language. To help your KS2 class along in their knowledge of this subject, we’ve created this downloadable worksheet pack – and it’s completely free.


Root words exercises: A collection of worksheets

Download this free resource and challenge your class with three unique exercises covering root words, suffixes and prefixes.  


What is included in this root words resource?

This pack of resources includes three unique activities tackling root words, prefixes and suffixes:

  1.  Match the prefixes to the root word
  2. Match the suffixes to the root word
  3. Find the root word


How will this resource benefit my KS2 class?

When you take a word, the root is the part which carries the most meaning. It can’t be divided any further and acts as a gateway to discovering the network of related words that are created when you introduce prefixes and suffixes.

That’s why learning root words is such a fudamental part of understanding a language. This resource is designed to focus in on identifying the root word and expanding into related words with suffixes and prefixes.


What are root words, prefixes and suffixes?

The terms used in this worksheet pack are defined as follows:

Root word
The form of a word after all affixes (prefixes and suffixes) are removed.
A morpheme added at the beginning of a word to form a derivative (e.g. -ation, -fy, -ing, -itis ).
A morpheme added at the end of a word to form a derivative (e.g. -ation, -fy, -ing, -itis ).


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5 May 2021

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