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Quiz: Find the hidden Earth Day words

Find the hidden Earth Day words

Earth Day is on the 22nd April 2022 and the theme this year is invest in our planet. To help you explore some fun facts about Earth Day we have created this fun crossword. Find the hidden Earth Day words in the grid by using the hints to help you. Look out for our did you know facts that you can share with your pupils!

You can get up to fourteen points in total for finding the eight hidden words! The words aren’t left to right, or right to left, like most wordsearches which makes it more difficult.

Good luck.


How to play

To begin the puzzle, click on the hint button underneath the grid. The first hint will display on the screen that you need to figure out in order to know what word you are looking for. Once you think you know the correct word, find it in the grid- remember that the words aren’t displayed like a traditional wordsearch.

If you have guessed the word correctly, and found the right word then you will receieve a point. Some hints are more difficult so are worth extra points (up to 3 points). If you get it wrong, the grid will show you the correct answer and you won’t receieve any points.

A did you know fact will come up after finding each word. This can help inspire your classes and teach children some of the Earth Day themed facts too.


Did you manage to find the hidden Earth Day words? Share this quiz with your colleagues and let your pupils participate in a fun lesson about Earth Day!

Use the interesting facts to help with ideas for teaching your class Earth Day related lessons. To further help you create some fun class ideas, look at our blog: 7 ways children can help to save the planet. Explore how you can set an example to your pupils and how children can contribute positively to the environment.

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Ebony Feasey

Hope Education writer

21 April 2022

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