Paper plate Easter crafts for early years

23 Feb 2021 | Inspirational Activity Ideas, Nursery and Early Years

Make Easter egg-stra special with these paper plate Easter crafts perfect for early years, including an Easter bunny and chick! We’ll be giving you the step-by-steps to creating both of these in this article, so let’s get started…

What you will need for both:

Paper plates

Wiggly eyes

PVA glue



Chubby paint brushes

Non-spill paint pots


Easter bunny

What you will also need:

Pastel pom poms

Pipe cleaners

Foam dabbers

Step 1: Take 2 paper plates and cut one of them down the middle into halves

Step 2: Use PVA glue or a glue stick to stick the two halves onto the 2nd paper plate to create ears, as shown on the photograph

Step 3: Paint the paper plate using our pastel pink and leave to dry

Step 4: Take some white paint and use the foam dabbers and dab to colour the ears

Step 5: Decorate the bunny’s face with wiggly eyes or paint, add pipe cleaners for the whiskers and a pom pom for the nose before leaving to dry


Easter chick

What you will also need:

Orange card

Step 1: Take 1 paper plate and paint it yellow using the chubby brushes before leaving to dry

Step 2: Whilst it’s drying, take the orange card and cut 2 strips (for legs)

Step 3: Fold the strips back and forth to make them zig-zag before gluing to the back of the plate

Step 4: Cut out some feed and glue to the legs

Step 5: Draw around the hand on the orange card and cut out, before gluing to the edges of the paper plate to make hands for the chick

Step 6: Decorate the chicks face using wiggly eyes and orange card to make a beak


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Happy craft-making!

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