How to keep a whiteboard clean

how to keep a whiteboard clean

How to keep a whiteboard clean 


Cleaning whiteboards is essential to keep them intact and usable. If you don’t clean your whiteboard properly, they can be difficult to use, and you may have to purchase a new one. To help keep your whiteboard clean, we have provided a few tips to use. 


Use erasers and solutions 

Erasers are a simple way of keeping boards clean and work amazing at first. They are always great to have in stock, with plenty of backups for when they wear out. However, erasers work best with cleaning solutions, as the more a whiteboard is used, the more pen marks are left behind. Consequently, this makes it more difficult to clean.  

Cleaning the board with the proper solution and eraser must be done to maintain and keep all your whiteboards clean. It’s important to use cleaning solutions and an eraser that’s purpose is to keep whiteboards looking new. Make sure to keep all erasers clean, too, and replace them straight away when they wear out. Doing this prevents marks from staying on the board and streaking when using them.  

Try out Show-Me’s whiteboard cleaning starter set for all the key utensils you need to maintain a clean whiteboard. With various erasers, from a large wooden eraser to a soft renovator cloth to wipe your board clean. This set also includes a refillable solution and whiteboard renovator and conditioner to keep the whiteboard sparkling and stain-free to use over and over again. Plus, you can try out the MAGIX Whiteboard Cleaner and Conditioner to make your board look brand new again as this set provides a sample for you to try. 


keep a whiteboard clean

Create your own solution 

You could also create your own solution if needed to keep your whiteboard clean. Easily mix isopropyl alcohol and water with a moist cloth. This is great for keeping a whiteboard looking brand new if used very often. You could also use warm, soapy water or window cleaner if you are running low on cleaning solutions.  


Clean frequently 

If you use your classroom whiteboard daily, it is ideal to clean it after use every day. This should be done with a whiteboard cleaner and an eraser. It is often tempting to leave information written on the board, but it can be harder to remove the longer it’s left. If you need the same information left on your whiteboard, it is best to remove it at the end of the week and rewrite it if needed. 


Remove outlines 

Visible outlines can occur on whiteboards if you only erase them. The chemicals from markers can build up and form a residue that is left on the whiteboard. This can cause a gloss difference between the used and unused areas. Outlines of previous writing can stick even after its erased because of this, which is known as ghosting. 


Remove permanent marker 

It often feels like permanent markers can never be cleaned from a whiteboard. However, it can be removed with the right tools. Trace where the permanent marker has been used with a dry-erase marker to erase it. Doing this will leave your whiteboard sparkling clean due to the solvent in the dry-erase marker. 

Show-me MAGIX Whiteboard Cleaner and Conditioner is another great solution to use after cleaning to remove ghosting, stains and permanent marker. This solution is great for making your board look brand new and sparkling again. Plus, the unique STAYCLEAN ingredient adds a conditioning microfilm layer to improve the erasability of the board.

Use these tips on how to keep a whiteboard clean to help make your whiteboard last longer and look brand new. Try out these tips and maintain them so you can use your whiteboard without issues.  

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