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Benefits of using mini whiteboards in the classroom

benefits of mini whiteboards

Benefits of using mini whiteboards in the classroom   


Show-me mini whiteboards can be an excellent way to allow teachers to engage with the thinking, understanding and progression of all students at once, quickly, and efficiently. Mini whiteboards allow a range of response formats to ensure participation from all students and encourage students to not think about tidiness and instead be prone to risk-taking. You will see engagement and answers from the whole class without leaving the front. With a quick glance, you can check progress and understanding, and then tweak your plans accordingly.  

But what are the benefits of using mini whiteboards in the classroom? 


Environmentally friendly 

Not only are whiteboards easy to use, but they also help to reduce the use of exercise books in the classroom. They can be reused and what makes them perfect for a classroom is that the writing is large and clear, and it is extremely easy to get a quick snapshot of the whole class, so, in a scan around the classroom, an answer can be seen from every student. Think about how much budget you could save, let alone the number of trees!


Easy to use

They are very low maintenance and are easy to wipe clean. And, with our Show-me drywipe pens, they won’t splay out everywhere leaving the tables and children’s hands clean too! Whiteboards give a fresh clean blank slate every time you go to use them. So, if your class are working out problems and they make a mistake, it can easily be erased and changed. Students can “try out” an answer on the board before transcribing it into their books, this way you can check that they have it down correctly before committing it to paper. They are also ideal for working on the floor, in playgrounds, on field trips and more.



Get the whole class involved 

Children can work together by using whiteboards in the classroom. They can work together in groups to come up with ideas. Using a whiteboard is a great way to get everyone involved.
Students sometimes feel that writing on mini whiteboards is not really “work” so, in fact, they do more than they would in their book. 


Visualise learning 

Whiteboards are a great way to visualise learning and make use of several types of information.
You can get your class to answer questions during a lesson by writing the answers on their mini boards. They can be combined with “think-pair-share” and used as a collaborative tool for students to produce their best answers before sharing. They can even differentiate their work on the whiteboard using our assorted dry-wipe pens, so, you can tell who has written things down.  

And misconceptions can easily be picked up and addressed. If a considerable number of the class have the same misconception this is a sign that this area of the subject needs to be retaught.  



Using mini whiteboards in the classroom

Using mini whiteboards in the classroom suits a variety of learning styles. With our Show-me boards, you can think inside the box both in and out of the classroom with gridded boards. Gridded boards make it easier during Maths and English lessons. For example, solving math problems on whiteboards gives students the freedom of working on a clean slate. These are just a few of the many benefits of using mini whiteboards.


Teaching maths  

Writing out math problems on whiteboards gives children the freedom to erase or correct their steps and take their time working out sums. They can be used to go step-by-step through a problem, getting students to hold up just the next stage of their answer at each step rather than the whole thing. 



Using a whiteboard during English can help children with spellchecking and correcting their writing. It can help make children feel less anxious about making mistakes with their writing. Writing and drawing enable kids to fine-tune their motor skills. Another great way to incorporate whiteboards into learning is using our A3 tell-a-story boards. Your class could work together when doing creative writing and draw their ideas while telling the story underneath. Perfect for brainstorming  

Our A4 lined boards make it easier for your class to focus on writing in a straight line and doing it neatly. This is ideal for maths sums as you can write several questions down for your class to answer, and they are able to keep each question separately


Whiteboards can include a lot of benefits so why not consider using them for your next classroom project? If there are more ways you use your mini whiteboards, then let us know on social media! 



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Amrita Sohal

Hope Education writer

18 May 2022

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