Dinosaur Day quiz for kids: Test their knowledge

Dinosaur Day is fast approaching on the 15th of May. A perfect way to celebrate is to test your pupil’s knowledge with our Dinosaur Day quiz for kids. Share this quiz for the whole class to see and find out what they know. You can do this in teams and make it a competition or as a whole class. You can also allow children to do this separately on tablets to test their knowledge individually.


How to play

Split the class into teams, if playing in small groups, and share the questions with each team. Give each team a recordable buzzer that they can press to answer the questions. Children can come up with a team name and record them saying it so when they press the buzzer, it’s clear what team is answering.

Allow your pupils to read or listen to each question carefully and decide what option is the correct answer. After each answer is chosen, the quiz will show if the option was correct or not. Keep track of scores if you are playing a competitive game. The correct answer will also be stated along with some more information so that children can learn more about dinosaurs.

At the end of the quiz, it will be determined what percentage of the quiz was answered correctly. It will show pupils what areas of dinosaurs they need to expand their knowledge on as well as what they already know.

Let your pupils learn more about dinosaurs with a fun and hands-on approach using our dinosaur bones kit. They can discover what it’s like to find dinosaur bones and gain knowledge of different species.


Give children a fun and engaging way to delve into dinosaurs through our Dinosaur Day quiz for kids. Test their knowledge and they can learn further about dinosaurs too. Why not provide a lesson all about dinosaurs too? If you teach older pupils, then you can focus on the more scientific side of dinosaurs rather than play and species. 


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