Coronation quiz: What do you know about King Charles III?

King Charles III coronation is approaching and what better way to celebrate than testing your knowledge on the King? See what you know about the King and learn more about his life. You can share this quiz with your pupils as a fun way for them to learn more about King Charles. Doing this gives pupils some knowledge about him ahead of the coronation.

To make this quiz extra enjoyable for children, put them into groups to go head to head. All they have to do is answer as many questions correctly as possible. Let them race each other to answer the questions. Whichever team answers the most correctly wins. Hand them buzzers to press for answers so that there is no talking over one another.


How to play

Read each question carefully and choose the correct answer from the multiple-choice answers. If pupils are playing, they will press their buzzer and say the answer.

After each answered question you will find out if the answer that was chosen is correct or not. Keep track of each teams scores to see who answered right first to determine the winner at the end.

This what do you know about King Charles III quiz has 10 questions to answer. Once all questions have been answered you will find out what percentage of the quiz was correct. You can then determine if your pupils are clued up about the King or if they need to brush up on their knowledge.

If children struggled with this quiz, spend some time going through the King’s life with them. You can also teach them further about the significance of a coronation as well as what will happen using our ‘How will the King’s coronation work?’ blog.


Use this what do you know about King Charles III quiz to teach children more about the King whilst showing them why we have a monarchy. Have rewards for children especially if they are going head to head. A reward could be as small as various stickers some that say winner for the winners and others that say very good for the efforts of the other team. Doing this makes sure no pupil is left out and everyone gets rewarded for taking part. It will entice children to do tasks like this again too.

Let us know how you will be celebrating the King’s coronation with your class on our Facebook, we would love to know.

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