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Christmas tree fractions: A festive maths worksheet

Christmas is almost upon us, but there is no rest of us teachers (at least not yet). As classes continue during the festive period, how do you incorporate seasonal themes into your day-to-day lessons?

Without our Christmas tree fractions worksheet, you can do exactly that.


Christmas tree fractions worksheet

Download our free maths worksheet for a festive spin on fractions. With three tiers increasing in difficulty, our worksheet puts your class’ mathematical minds to the test. If it’s proving a bit of a test for you too, the answers to each of the three activities are posted below.

Just click download for your free resource.


Activity 1

Everyone starts with Activity 1, where there are 24 blank baubles on the Christmas tree. Your class is tasked with working out how many baubles are red, yellow, blue and orange – based on the fractions given. Then, work out how many are left and what fraction of 24 this is – these are pink baubles! Once it’s all worked out, ask the class to colour the baubles in the correct colours. 


Answers to Activity 1:

  • Red: 6
  • Yellow: 8
  • Blue: 3
  • Orange: 4
  • Pink: 3 (1/8)


Activity 2

Next up is the more difficult Activity 2. Here, you have 36 baubles to account for.

Answers to Activity 2:

  • Red: 12
  • Yellow: 6
  • Blue: 6
  • Orange: 4
  • Pink: 8 (2/9)


Activity 3

Congrats to your high flyers, they’ve made it to Activity 3. We’ve still got five colours to divide our baubles into, but this time there are 48 baubles and some trickier fractions. 

Answers to Activity 3:

  • Red: 8
  • Yellow: 12
  • Blue: 12
  • Orange: 8
  • Pink: 8 (1/6 or 2/12)


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1 December 2020

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