Christmas craft: Exploring emotions with festive friends

Christmas craft festive friends

Christmas craft: Exploring emotions with festive friends

This magical project is not just crafting festive characters or traditional decorations; it’s also about giving life to feelings! Each child will have the chance to explore and express their emotions through their very own festive friend or decoration. It’s a journey of self-discovery and creativity that makes Christmas even more special. 

Step one- Heartfelt choices

Invite each child to reflect on their feelings. How are they today? Let them choose an emotion that speaks to them. 


Step two- Expressive design

Add felt, pom poms, foam shapes and paint to lollipop sticks to create outfits and decorative features


Step three: Eyes that speak volumes

Guide the children to select wiggly eyes or use pens to add eyes that convey the essence of their chosen emotion.


Step four: Share the feeling

Ask children to add a ribbon scarf, hat or decorative feature to give a final touch that emphasises their chosen emotion. Even ask children to give their festive friend a name.


Christmas craft festive friends

Try out this simple festive friends’ Christmas craft as a fun activity to unleash children’s creativity. Allow pupils to explore their emotions and be aware of others emotions while crafting. Discuss feelings as a group and encourage children to talk openly while they create their festive decorations. Make sure that they feel comfortable and show them that the classroom is a safe environment to express how they feel.

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27 September 2023

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