Top Resources for Storytelling in Early Years

31 Jan 2024 | Inspirational Activity Ideas, Nursery and Early Years

Nurturing the love for storytelling in the early years lays a foundation for lifelong learning. It can become a wonderful journey of language development, creativity, and imaginative thinking.

Here at Hope, we have an inspiring selection of resources designed to engage and foster a lifelong love for storytelling for your little ones. We’ve selected some of our favourite resources for storytelling, have a read below to get inspired!


Discovery Stones

discovery stones


These super stones have been designed by us to bring a traditional tale to life! Each Discovery Stone is thoughtfully illustrated with a key character or element from the narrative, providing an engaging way for children to connect with the story.

By familiarising your little ones with these classic tales, they’re storytelling skills will only enhance as they retell the stories again and again!

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Scene Setters


scene setters


The Traditional Tales Scene Setters are designed to bring traditional tales to life. This beautifully crafted resource details each scene of the story creating an engaging atmosphere and fostering familiarity of these classic stories.

Our Scene Setters not only serve as a visual aid but also encourage interactive storytelling, allowing children to actively participate in the narrative.

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Travelling Tales



The interactive and portable nature of Travelling Tales makes it ideal for all of your storytelling resource needs. The tactical resources alongside the reading book gives a multi-sensory approach to re-telling these story favourites.

Our Travelling Tales story sacks include quality texts from well-known authors, and the patterned language promotes choral reading and retelling, naturally encouraging audience participation.

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Puppet and Book Sets

giraffes can't dance puppet and book set


Puppet and book sets can be a key resource for storytelling in the early years. It combines the magic of literature with the interactive nature of puppetry.

The puppets can bring the characters to life, allowing little ones to immerse into the narrative experience. Additionally, these sets also encourage active participation, as children can take on roles by manipulating the puppets, fostering creativity and language development.

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