The Benefits of Recycling Practices For Early Years

13 Oct 2022 | Expert Advice and Opinions, Nursery and Early Years

Recycling Week is an opportunity to implement an understanding of recycling for toddlers. By incorporating recycling practices into their everyday routine, they will begin to understand the importance of looking after our planet.

We’ve listed below the learning benefits you can gain from teaching toddlers about recycling.

Problem solving skills

Getting your child involved with recycling can help develop their problem-solving skills. Have them practice sorting different recyclable materials and putting them in the correct bins. This could make a great matching activity where they match the material to the correct recycling bin.


Improve fine motor skills

The process of recycling can allow little ones to improve their fine motor skills and coordination. For example, various hand movements to grasp objects and using tongs to pick up litter and dispose in recycle bins can help with muscle stimulation.



Building new vocabulary

Teaching about recycling will not only help your child understand the world, but it can also enhance their vocabulary. By being interactive and starting conversations they will learn brand new words related to waste and sustainability. Furthermore, activities such as reusing and repurposing materials for arts and crafts and talking with your child on what they used will further their language development on this subject.


Learn about the world around them

Introducing your toddler to waste and reusable materials is a great way to educate them about the natural world. By incorporating the 3 Rs (reduce, reuse, and recycle) into your children’s daily routine, it can give them the awareness of protecting and preserving our planet.
It can allow them to practice understanding the concept of responsibility we as humans have in looking after our environment and keeping the world a safe and sustainable place.

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