St Patrick’s Day: Easy crafts for kids

18 Feb 2021 | Early Years, Inspirational Activity Ideas

Follow our easy, step-by-step St Patrick’s Day crafts, and let the kids create a hand-print leprechaun, a leprechaun mask and some four-leaf-clovers! We have also made sure to add all the resources you’ll need for each craft to make things easier for you. Enjoy!

What you will need:

White card

Wiggly eyes

Paint brushes

Green card

Green paint

Orange paint

PVA glue

Glue sticks


Colouring pens


Craft sticks

 Foam leaf shapes

Foam dabbers

Dip bowls

Hand-print Leprechaun

This craft is pretty easy and straight forward, so let’s start here…

Step 1: Use orange paint and let the little ones dip their hands in it, or paint their hands using a paint brush, before printing them onto plain white card

Step 2: Whilst the orange paint is drying, use green card and draw the Leprechaun’s hat (the children may need some help here) and cut the hat out

Step 3: Use black felt or card to cut a strip to go across the hat and glue down using a glue stick or PVA glue

Step 3: Use gold foil to add decoration to the hat, again, glue down using a glue stick or PVA glue

Step 5: Once the handprints are dry, glue the hat on top of them and then cut the whole thing out

Tip: Insert a hole at the top and loop in some string so you can hand them up!

Leprechaun Mask

A wonderful easy craft idea perfect for the little ones, let’s get to it…

Step 1: Take a paper plate and paint it orange

Step 2: Once dry, cut the middle of the plate out so you’re left with the outside circle (you can do this before painting if you wish). This is where the child’s face will go!

Step 3: Like in the previous craft, take some green card and draw/cut out your leprechaun’s hat, but make it bigger this time to match the size of your paper plate

Step 4: Add decoration (black card or felt, and gold foil)

Step 5: Glue your paper plate to the back of the hat, so it looks like the hat is sat on the ‘head’

Tip: Glue a craft stick to the bottom of the paper plate so children can hold it up to their face


This craft is super straight forward and fun, and might even bring you a bit of luck…

Step 1: Take an A3+ size piece of paper or card so the child has enough room

Step 2: Pour green paint into a tub and use different materials to print the paint onto the paper and create four-leaf-clovers

Tip: You can use marshmallows, foam dabbers, foam leaf shapes or any other materials you think would make good leaf shapes!


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Happy craft-making!

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