Shoe inferences: a writing lesson activity

4 June 2020

Looking for something engaging and excited to do in your next English lesson around writing composition and inferences? We’ve got just the thing for you…

Below is a brilliant idea from primary school teacher & reading lead, Emily Weston (@primaryteachew). The lesson activity has had such incredible feedback from the teaching community on social media, we just had to share it with you!


How the shoe inferences activity works in class

The exercise itself is simple and it is guaranteed to get a huge positive reaction from your class. All you’ll need is:

When you’ve organised the tools, it goes a little like this:

  1. Place the shoes on a central table so everyone can see them. Encourage pupils to pick them up and take a closer look.


Ask your class to fill out the first section of the worksheet based on the shoes they see.


  1. When the class has completed part one of their sheet, add the matching photograph to the pair of shoes.

Ask your class to explain more about the character that would wear these shoes.


  1. When the class has described the shoes and added their character description, it’s time to ask them to tell the story of the owner.


Ask your class to write a short story based on a person who would own the shoes.


Examples of the expanded story section of the shoe inferences activity (credit: Emily Weston @primaryteachew)

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Talitha McLachlan

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