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Quiz: Teachers Summer Playlist

Quiz: Teachers Summer Playlist


Summer is finally here!

With the arrival of the summer holidays for many teachers, it’s time to unwind and listen to feel-good tunes through our teachers summer playlist quiz. Summer music can really lift teachers moods after a hard year. Whether you are chilling out or going on holiday, a handpicked summer playlist is the perfect combination for a great summer.

Get ready to crank up the tunes and get dancing throughout the summer holidays.


How to play

This teachers summer playlist quiz is super easy to play. All you have to do is answer the questions as truthfully as possible to get the best results. This will make sure that you have your ideal summer music. There’s four different playlists that cover different music and interests to ensure that you get the best possible outcome.

Once all the questions have been answered, you will get your summer music via links. There is a choice for a Spotify playlist or a Youtube playlist depending on which one you use the most. Copy and paste the links into your browser to access the playlist that will accompany your summer holidays.

Turn up the tunes and get ready to have a well deserevd summer break.


Are you happy with your teachers summer playlist? Share your results with us on our facebook. 

We know you have worked hard throughout the school year so take time to relax and spend your summer however you please. We hope you have the best break and that you have amazing summer music to go alongside it.

Show us what you are up to this summer on our Instagram.

Want some more summer inspiration? Check out our summer holiday ideas for children blog so the kids will never get bored during their long holiday off school.

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Ebony Feasey

Hope Education writer

26 July 2022

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