Paper Plate Rainbow

21 Jul 2023 | Inspirational Activity Ideas, Nursery and Early Years

Crafting with paper plates is not only fun but also an excellent way to develop fine motor skills and introduce basic color recognition to young children. This paper plate rainbow activity offers a magical opportunity for little artists to explore their creativity.

With just a few simple materials , you and your little ones will create memories that will shine as brightly as the rainbows in the sky!


What you’ll need:


Step 1

Cut your paper plate into a semi-circle using some scissors.


Step 2

Paint the semi-circle using yellow or orange paint.


Step 3

Once dry, add a smiley face by sticking on some wiggly eyes and drawing on a smile with a marker pen.


Step 4

Next, cut little triangles out of some orange paper or card.

paper triangle shapes


Step 5

Then stick your little triangles onto the back of the paper plate all around the top.

smiley face plate with triangle shapes


Step 6

Cut some strips of coloured tissue paper.

coloured strips of tissue paper


Step 7

Once cut, glue them to the back of the paper plate.

rainbow paper plate


Now your paper plate rainbow is complete! Make sure to tag us  on Instagram to see your designs!

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