Name the 2D shape: A worksheet

Engage the class with some 2D shapes with this fun and simple worksheet.

Perfect for learning or reinforcing knowledge of squares, circles, pentagons and more, download this free resource and hand it out to your class.


Find the 2D shape: Download our free resource

Download our free resource and share it with your class, it should help them to increase their knowledge on maths shapes with up to 8 sides.


How to use this 2D shape worksheet

A simple worksheet like this one allows children to identify the most common everyday 2D shapes. Hand out to those in your class, or to your child during home learning, and challenge them to draw a line connecting the shape to it’s name.

To add some simple maths instruction on top, ask the pupil to count how many sides each shape has and write it next to each shape. Ideally, a child should use their knowledge of shapes to count the sides first, which gives them the information they need to identify the shape.

As either a test or a quick refresher, this worksheet is ideal for introductory shapes-based learning.


Why is knowing shapes important?

Shapes are everywhere we look in life. Being able to recognise and organise them is a skill that can applied across the curriculum.

Take reading and writing as just one example. The early stages of these skills are done by recognising shapes and symbols until that knowledge becomes second nature. That can then be applied to more complex places where symbols are required for learning.


What are some 2D shapes?

  • Square (4 sides)
  • Circle (1 side)
  • Pentagon (5 sides)
  • Triangle (3 sides)
  • Hexagon (6 sides)
  • Octogan (8 sides)


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2 June 2020

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