Koinobori Toilet Paper Roll Craft

21 Jul 2023 | Inspirational Activity Ideas, Nursery and Early Years

Take your little ones on a journey to Japan with this Koinobori Toilet Paper Roll Craft!

Crafting with toilet paper rolls not only encourages resourcefulness and sustainability but also offers a fantastic opportunity to introduce children to different cultures and traditions from around the world. Koinobori, or carp streamers, symbolize strength and good fortune, and make for a captivating art activity that will inspire your child’s imagination and appreciation for diversity.

 So, gather your materials and embark on a cultural adventure with these Koinobori Toilet Paper Rolls!


What you’ll need:


Step 1

Cut some coloured tissue paper into semi circles.

Tissue paper cut into semi-circles


Step 2

Next, take the toilet roll and cover it with glue.

toilet roll covered in glue


Step 3

Layer the semi-circled tissue paper onto the toilet roll until the whole roll is covered. Make sure to overlap them so they look like fish scales!

Sticking the tissue paper onto the toilet roll


Step 4

Cut some strips of coloured tissue paper.

strips of coloured tissue paper


Step 5

Put some glue inside the roll and then stick the strips of tissue to the glue.


Step 6

Finally, add some wiggly eyes to the front of the fish.

Koinobori Toilet Paper Roll Craft


Your Koinobori Toilet Paper Roll is now complete! Post and tag us on Instagram so we can see the final result.

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