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How to celebrate children’s book week

children's book week

How to celebrate children’s book week – Free Download


We love celebrating books! And National Children’s Book Week is an annual tradition to spread the joy of reading. A week that’s all about children’s books. Every year, events are held at schools, libraries, bookstores, and in homes.

Inspire children to read with some of our handy tips!


Get creative

Encourage pupils to start writing and get creative during Children’s book week. You could get your pupils to write a review of their favourite book or create a character profile. Your pupils could even draw their favourite characters from different books, they can then display their book covers across the classroom or school. They could design their own book covers or bookmarks which could inspire them to read more!

Prepare your reading corner

Turn a corner of your classroom into an area where pupils can relax and enjoy reading books. Creating an inviting reading corner is key to getting your pupils to read. A cosy comfy space with plenty of books will entice children to engage.

Involve the community

Invite a member of the community, local actor, or favourite author to host a reading session at your school.  Children’s book week is an ideal time for visitors to inspire children about reading. You could also arrange for parents to be involved.

Why not also visit a local library and motivate children to get excited about reading outside of the classroom.



Dress up for Children’s Book Week

Have a dress-up day and ask your pupils to dress up as their favourite book characters. Why not get creative and make DIY costumes of characters from books to celebrate the week. Let your pupils have fun by making their own outfits and props in class.

Here are some other ideas to inspire your class:

Read aloud together

Read aloud as a class. The best way to participate in Children’s Book Week is simply to read as much as possible with your child or pupils. Books provide the chance for kids to practice talking, singing, reading, writing, and playing. Act out one of your class’s favourite books using props and instruments and retell the story together.

Host a reading session

Organising a book club can be a great way to celebrate Children’s Book Week. Choose a children’s book ahead of time and let the pupils enjoy discussing it during the meeting. Make it cosy and relaxed whether it’s during lunchtime or after school.


Free Download

For more ideas on how to celebrate Children’s Book Week. Download the free resource below for a range of cross-curricular ideas for hosting a Book Week at your school.



Visit Every Child a Reader to find printable bookmarksdrawing guides, and more.


Use all of these fun ideas to plan your own school events celebrating children’s book week. Making crafts based on books is a brilliant way to celebrate Children’s Book Week and we’d love to see yours! Let us know how you will be celebrating.



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Sabrina Ruthven

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10 November 2021

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