Great places to go walking in the UK

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Great Places to go walking in the UK


Getting outdoors is amazing for mental health and destressing from the fast-paced life of a teacher. The outdoors is a great way to get out of the usual hustle and bustle of daily life and brings a great change of scenery. 

There are loads of great places to go walking in and around the UK. We have fantastic countryside, coasts and national parks up and down the country. From the coast of Devon to the mountains of Wales and the fells of the Lake District, there are many excellent walks to be discovered.  

Here are some of the best places and walks to do in the UK. These walks can be the perfect way to explore the best of the outdoors. These child-friendly walks and places will be the ideal combination of fun with stunning views to highlight all the best of the outdoors.  



Winnats Pass, Peak District 

Winnats pass is a lovely and picturesque mountain pass in the Peak District National Park. Driving through here is fantastic but walking around the top is even better. Make sure you have suitable footwear so you can get going on this beautiful walk. 

There are many routes to get up, and around Winnats Pass, which we will cover as a whole and link a few posts for you to check out if you decide this walk is for you. This circular walk starts at the pay and display car park, so make sure you have some spare change.   

You will reach a max altitude of 250m above sea level. This walk can take approximately 2 hours, assuming you don’t stop. There are a few steep sections with the first ascent and, therefore, the descent. 

Winnats Pass formed approximately 340 million years ago as a reef fringing a shallow lagoon with deeper water beyond. A small outcrop of fossiliferous rock at the base of Winnats Pass, close to Speedwell Cavern, suggests that a contemporary underwater cleft or canyon once existed within the active reef. This caused a build-up of shelly and crinoidalwhich is still at its base. 

When you finish your walk, you can head into Castleton and be spoiled for choice to get some well-earned food. Pubs, cafes, and ice cream parlours are just some of what you can find for a tasty treat. 

Have a look at this website  for an in-depth look into the Winnats Pass Circular walk. 



Catbells, Lake District  

This is a great introduction to the Lakeland fells with the iconic and beautiful Catbells. As well as that, fell is 451m above sea level. Being one of the most famous walks in the lakes and you’ll have a real sense of accomplishment when you reach the summit. With a fun little scramble at the end. The walk can take 2 hours, depending on where you park, your route and your fitness level. 


Looking up at Catbells summit go walking


The paths of Catbells are clearly defined, so getting lost shouldn’t be an issue. If you follow the paths and people, you will quickly find yourself at the summit and be able to take in these beautiful views. It can be a great accomplishment for children too. 


Baggy Point Circular Walk, Devon 

This beautiful and picturesque coastal circular walk will not disappoint. It is a relatively flat 2-mile circular walk along the stunning coastline of Devon in southern England. A car park is situated at the start of this walk, making it easily accessible for all ages. 

This is a short walk along the western side of Baggy Point. It has fantastic sea views, birds and wildflowers. It will not disappoint if you are in the area. Even better, why not visit Devon for a short break to relax and destress from your usual day-to-day? 

Read this post to find out more about the Baggy Point Circular Walk. 



Yr Wyddfa (Mt Snowdon), Eryri (Snowdonia) 

Firstly, it is called Yr Wyddfa as that is the proper Welsh pronunciation of the mountain. They want people to start using it along with the park’s official name Eryri. Welsh is a complex language, so we have broken it down into how it sounds to nail that pronunciation,  ir-wid-fa. Yr sounds like ir, Wydd sounds like wid, and fa is just fa. Ir-wid-fa or Yr Wyddfa. Now you can pronounce the mountain, let’s get into the fun part. 

Out of this list, Yr Wyddfa can be the most challenging so perhaps leave pets at home so you can focus on your children to ensure safety. Also, you want to be sure you have the fitting kit before you go, food, layers, proper walking boots and navigation (You shouldn’t get lost but better to be safe than sorry). 

The Llanberis path is the best way to get into bigger mountains it also comes with the self-fulfilment of summiting the tallest mountain in Wales, reaching an altitude of 1085 meters. This is the longest walk on the list, at around 9 miles there and back. If you get the right weather, it’s worth every step for the fantastic views from the top. Depending on your fitness, this walk will be 3-4 hours for most, but do it at your own pace and take as long as you need. Start with enough time to get down in daylight; the earlier, the better. 

Read more about the entire Llanberis path. 


There are loads of excellent walks in the UK just a search away. We can’t wait to show you more unique places in the UK. In this post, we have highlighted some of the best for each place. We hope you continue to get outdoors and explore.  

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