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Fun interactive summer holiday ideas for children

summer holiday

Fun interactive summer holiday ideas for children



It’s that time of the year again: schools are out for summer and the sun is shining. After two years of lockdown, this summer might be one where a sense of holiday normality returns, and  children can enjoy their summer break with lots of outdoor fun activities.

Here at Hope, we have collected fun interactive summer holiday activity ideas children can try.



Summer holiday activities


Plant fruit and vegetables

While it is still warm outside, encourage children to grow their own fruits and vegetables by planting flowers or vegetable pots outside. It’s a great way to get them involved in growing their own crops and gives them something to look forward to. Gardening helps children engage their senses and gives them an opportunity to go out and have fun by planting seeds outside. Growing their own fruits and vegetable like courgettes, beans and strawberries is a fantastic gardening activity, so why not encourage children to give this activity a try?



Do some colouring

Have you ever thought of combining two activities into one? Why not get children to do some mindful colouring with colouring pencils. Mindfulness helps develop children’s concentration, It’s all about paying attention to the current moment.

Colouring is a great way to help children learn how to concentrate and focus on the task at hand. This is especially important for young children who are still trying to master their skills. The more they practice, the better they will get at it.



Outdoor puzzle

In this hot summer heat, there’s nothing better than going outside and playing. Get children to go outside and play puzzles with their friends and family. Outdoor puzzles are a fun interactive game. It can entertain, educate, and inspire children of all ages.

Outdoor puzzles are an excellent activity for children because it helps them to use their creativity while also strengthening their vocabulary skills through word and association exercises. This makes it perfect for helping young kids learn how to read as well as improve their spelling skills at an early age.



Play in the park

As the days become hot this is a perfect time to take children to the park. Get children to go out this and play with their friends on the swing or even on the slides. Park creates opportunities for children to explore through different type of play. You can start by packing their bags with different activities for them to play or even spark their interest by having a picnic together at the park.



Count the number of birds in the garden

Bird watching is a fantastic activity for children to try. You don’t need to travel or have equipment to watch. Simply get children to look outside the window and spot the birds they see. You can start by getting children to count different birds they see in the garden and write down the name of the birds. This will help them learn about different birds and nature. Birds are interesting to see as they are colourful and can be found anywhere.



Nature hike

Whilst the sun is still out and shining, it’s time to pack their bags and go out for a fun mini adventure. Hiking is a great opportunity for kids to explore the world around them and learn about nature whilst improving their cognitive abilities. You can start by picking a safe hiking spot for children to hike. Make sure it has lots of ground for children to walk on and lots of nature for them to see.

We all know long hikes can often be tiring but having lots of activities around it can make it an enjoyable experience and motivate children to walk for longer. You can start by having some games in your pocket like a scavenger hunt. This will help children to explore their problem-solving skills in a tangible way.



30-day summer holiday challenge

Summer is the best time of the year to have fun with your children. Start by downloading our 30-day summer holiday worksheet and encourage children to do an activity each day. They can start by doing an activity each day followed by the worksheet leading up to 15 days (about 2 weeks), for example learning how to swim or even building a sandcastle. Once the 15 days are over, children can get creative and create their own unique summer holiday activities onto the sheet. This gives children time to explore opportunities and helps develop their skills like self-confidence.




Cooking classes

In addition, cooking is an important life skill for children to learn and a necessity for healthy living. You can make the most out of their summer break by teaching children to cook and understand the importance of nutrition and maintaining a healthy diet. This will encourage them to become independent and will help them to learn to cook at an early age in their childhood.

You can make cooking enjoyable and a fun experience for them to learn. Start by teaching children to bake foods like cake or even a cookie. You can even encourage them to add their favourite toppings on the cake.



Above all, it is important to keep a positive mind and make sure your children are having fun while they are enjoying their time off. Summer holiday activities are all about creativity and imagination, as well as a wonderful way to spend time with friends and family in the sun.

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19 July 2022

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