Facts about the Windrush

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Facts about the Windrush


On the 22nd of June this year, it will be the 75th anniversary of the Windrush landing in the UK. This important, historic day has been named Windrush Day. It has come to represent a significant turning point in British history and is a perfect example of how Britain has influenced and been influenced by the wider world.

Educate your pupils on the importance of Windrush Day and Black history and involve them in celebrating this historic event. To help you share knowledge of Windrush with your pupils, we have sourced a few important facts and have an incredible poster available to purchase all about Windrush for you to use in lessons.

You could ask children what they may already know about Windrush and Black history as a way to discuss these facts further. Doing this makes sure that children understand the Windrush generation and the importance of the event. Plus, it widens their knowledge about Black history and helps vital information stick in their head.


What year did the Windrush arrive in Britain?

The Windrush arrived in Britain in 1948 at the port of Tilbury. The ship carried 492 Caribbean migrants, who were mainly World War Two veterans. This arrival started the Windrush generation, which ended in 1960.


Where was the ship built?

Empire Windrush was built in Hamburg Germany, and was launched on the 13th of December 1930. It was built by a shipbuilding company known as Blohm and Voss, but it was originally built as a cruise ship to take travellers to Europe and South America.


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Who was Ignatius Sancho?

Ignatius Sancho was a British abolitionist, writer and composer. Through his writing, he became an influential figure in abolishing the slave trade.


Who was John Blanke?

John Blanke was a musician of African descent in the early Tudor period. He was believed to have come to England as one of the African attendants of Catherine of Aragon in 1501. He was also one of the earliest recorded Black people in the UK. Therefore, he became very significant in Black history.


Who is Barbara Blake Hannah?

Barbara Blake Hannah is a Jamaican author and journalist who is known for her promotion of Rastafari culture and history. Additionally, she is also a politician, filmmaker, festival organiser and cultural consultant.

Through her journalism, she became the first Black person and Black female to appear on TV news. Yet, back then, it seemed as though Black people could only be in entertainment and not serious news reporters. After nine months as a reporter, her contract wasn’t renewed because of calls and letters objecting to and complaining about a Black person on TV.


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When did England invade Jamaica?

England invaded Jamaica in 1655. The expedition was under the lead of Admiral Sir William Penn and General Robert Venables. This capture was a result of England wanting to control the island’s trade routes as well as its resources.


What act was passed in 1968?

In 1968 a huge Act was passed in the UK which was the Race Relations Act. In the same year, the USA passed the Civil Rights Act.

For America, the Civil Rights Act meant that discrimination concerning the sale, or financing of housing was prohibited. This was and still is based on race, religion, national origin and sex.

In the UK, the Race Relations Act expanded on the previous from 1965 which banned racial discrimination in public places and made racial hating a crime. In this updated version, it focused on stopping discrimination when it came to housing and employment.



Windrush & Black history poster

To recognise this important landmark, we have worked with Gaverne Bennett (teacher and creator of The Guardian Black History Timeline) to develop a range of Black History display materials, including this fact-filled, impactful poster. 

The story of the ship and the ‘Windrush generation’ provides a wonderful opportunity to develop children’s knowledge of world geography and history, as well as their understanding of social and cultural change. 

Use this poster for more vital knowledge on Windrush and Black history and to help you with your lesson planning. Discover some lesson activities that you can utilise and take inspiration from to provide your class with detailed insight. These activities will inspire children and provide a springboard for further questions and investigations. 


the windrush poster


What could people do to celebrate Windrush Day?

There are many ways to celebrate Windrush Day, although the most important that you could do with your pupils is educational activities. Source activities based on Windrush and use our poster to help and inspire your lessons. It may be a good idea to have whole lessons on Windrush as a way for children to understand its importance. You could even create a story based on Windrush experiences.

Other activities you can do with children could be visiting museums that have Windrush history within them and Black history.

There are also ways for you to celebrate Windrush Day too. You can attend local events that may be held for the day and learn more about it through them. You can also support Windrush related causes by donating or sharing information.



Use these facts about the Windrush to show the importance of Windrush and how it created a generation. Allow children to understand more about Black history through our poster on influential Black people and historic moments. Focus on activities about Windrush with your pupils and delve into the history so that they can have more knowledge.

Regardless of specific events, it is important to shed light on this and for children to understand different cultures, history and different perspectives. Make sure to include Black history as much as possible, not just for Windrush Day or Black history month.


Discover how to embrace Black history in your lessons through our blog. Use this as a guide to setting up Black history lessons more often.

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