Egg Carton Crab Craft

18 Jul 2023 | Inspirational Activity Ideas, Nursery and Early Years

Turn everyday recyclables into creative treasures with our egg carton crab craft! There’s no better time to teach our children about the importance of recycling while unleashing their artistic talents.

Take a read of our step-by-step guide to find out how to make these egg carton crabs with your children.


What you’ll need:


Step 1

Using some scissors, cut out an egg cup from an egg carton.


Step 2

Then evenly paint the egg cup with some red paint. Once done, leave to dry.

egg cups painted red


Step 3

Next, cut some red pipe cleaners to various sizes. These will be used for the legs and claws.

cutting different sized pipe cleaners


Step 4

Using four of the pipe cleaner you’ve just cut, attach them each side of the bottom of your egg cup. Your crab now has legs!

Sticking legs onto crab craft


Step 5

Add claws using the smaller sized pipe cleaners that were cut out. These should be placed at the front of the egg cup.


Step 6

Finally, stick on some wiggly eyes in the centre of the crab.

Finished egg carton crab craft


Let us know how your egg carton crab turned out over on Instagram!  Why not try out our handprint fish puppet craft for more ocean creativity?

*Craft inspired by @thespruceofficial

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