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Easter Curriculum Activities: Scholastic Worksheet

Easter Curriculum activities

Easter Curriculum Activities: Scholastic Worksheet 

With Easter fast approaching, creating fun activities for the pupils to do can be difficult. Scholastic have provided us with an Easter Curriculum activities worksheet to keep your class busy. Packed with a few different activities that are all Easter themed, you can have creative classes that all the children will love to do.




Entertain children in the classroom this Easter 

This fantastic worksheet pairs fun with the curriculum, such as the Easter Words activity which uses English. This allows children to understand the festival of Easter more whilst getting to grips with wordplay, letter placement and anagrams. There’s more anagram fun with the hot cross bun recipe, which has images to help figure out the steps to make them. Get your pupils in groups to help each other out! This will be handy for finding the verbs in the list to get the steps right. Perfect for expanding pupils’ literacy skills and exploring more about verbs in an exciting way.  

The worksheet also explores geography with the Easter egg hunt activity. Children get to map where the Easter eggs are hidden on the grid and plot their locations by following the directions. This is great to develop coordination skills and following directions, which are essential for a child’s future.  

Each activity on the worksheet gives more information about why Easter is celebrated – joining curriculum with learning about key festivals. This helps children to understand different cultures and religions opening their minds up past what they think Easter is. It’s important to expand on these notes at the top of each activity so they can have a deeper understanding and engage with the facts about Easter.  


How fun tasks can help children with learning 

Keeping the lessons fun and exciting gets your pupils interested in learning. They engage and are more willing to participate whilst getting stuck into tasks. This Easter worksheet will keep your class engaged, and willing to learn the different subjects it covers. Due to the activities being exciting for children, they are more likely to retain the information about Easter and what they have learnt from doing the tasks. This is because having fun with learning helps children to understand information and memorise it easier.  

Activities such as the Easter egg hunt also bring imaginations alive whilst learning vital skills. The Easter egg hunt not only helps with following directions but brings a bit of play into the activity. The children can imagine taking the Easter egg hunt themselves as they pinpoint the location of the eggs on the sheet. They will feel as if they are on that Easter egg hunt. Why not make this activity extra enjoyable by bringing the hunt to life? Set up an Easter egg hunt in the classroom or playground using the activity sheet to help you. Try and hide them in similar directions so pupils can plot on the sheet and find an egg in real life!



Throw yourself and your class into these fun and engaging Easter themed activities by printing off the worksheet. Make sure to share with the whole class and even other teachers so the whole school can join in the Easter fun. Give the worksheet a splash of colour by using our Classmates assorted colouring pencils or even our Colourifics jumbo felt pens.  

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Ebony Feasey

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7 April 2022

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