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Diwali craft: Glitter Divas

7 Sep 2020 | Inspirational Activity Ideas, Nursery and Early Years

Try our easy step-by-step Diwali craft, perfect for kids under 5. We’ve included the art and craft supplies you’ll need to make the perfect Glitter Divas. Simply make sure you have everything you need from our list below and follow the steps to make your own Glitter Divas for Diwali.

You will need:

Tissue Paper Sheets

Glitter Glue Pens



Glue spreaders


Step 1:

To get started on your Diwali craft, cut the card into strips – you can decide how big depending on how big you want your Glitter Divas to be. It’s also a good idea to use different coloured card for each one you make!

Step 2:

Fold the card over by a few centimetres and then continue folding back and forth as seen on the photographs to make a zig-zag effect.

Step 3:

Once you’ve done this, hold one side of the card with your finger and thumb, and fan the rest out.

Step 4:

You can decide whether you want to glue them down to card or leave them loose. Here, we’ve glued them to a big piece of card.

Step 5:

Use glue, glitter, paint and other decorative resources to bring your Divas to life.

Simple enough? We’d love to see the finished result! Once you and the little ones have completed the craft, take some photos, and tag us on Instagram or tweet us @hope_earlyyears. You can also share with us on Facebook at Hope Education UK.

If you like this, and want to see more how-to craft activities, head to our inspirational activities section of the blog.

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