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Creating your favourite memory with art


Creating your favourite memory with art


The end of term is approaching, and school will say goodbye to children for the summer holidays. A school year is filled with memories that your pupils have made in the classroom, and children all over the country are celebrating art by getting involved in art activities. So, to celebrate the final part of children’s art week, we have paired up with @a_teachers_journey to bring you art activities you can do.


Memory is an essential element in children’s development, and many of these memories are created in the school environment. Participating in school activities is an excellent way of helping children to develop effective memories. Having a great memory will help your class do better in school, perform well on tests, and achieve better grades.








Reflecting on the year with artwork

Boost children’s memories by working on their visualisation skills, which can be done by asking your class to create artwork. Painting allows kids to freely express themselves and develop their creativity. Painting is a great way for children to communicate their thoughts which makes this an excellent way for getting your class to recreate their favourite memories onto paper!

Why not ask your class to recreate some of their favourite moments throughout the year, moments such as:

  •                 Friends and family
  •                 Favourite days out
  •                 What they will miss from this year
  •                 Memories they will treasure
  •                 Favourite activities from the year
  •                 Favourite books they’ve read
  •                 What they have loved most about the year







Using watercolours

To start, have your class dip their hands in various colours of paint or paint their hands and press them down on coloured paper. Using paint and watercolours to create art helps kids express their thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Allow kids to unwind and express their creativity in new ways. Let your class take their time and let their minds wonder to think about their favourite memory.

Make it easy for young kids to experiment by ensuring they have the appropriate painting tools. For instance, our chubby brushes and mixed paint.







Download our free worksheet

There is still time to download our free worksheet and get involved. Have children to create a memory storyboard on a theme or a topic of their choice by using coloured pencils to illustrate their ideas. Start by downloading our worksheet and handing it to your class. Children will be able use this to illustrate their creativity in 6 different boxes. As a result, the storyboards help children develop their motor skills, while also helping them develop their literacy and creative writing skills.




The artwork the children create can also be used as a great art display for your classroom. Share the memories with the entire class. End-of-year projects can also be perfect for presenting in class or in an-end of-year assembly.


For more ideas on children’s art week, check out our blog on Integrating Art Activities in The Classroom

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Sabrina Ruthven

Hope Education writer

8 July 2022

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