Common letter strings worksheet

4 May 2020

The English language is a complicated one. There are letters that can be combined to look the same in words but are in fact, completely different when it comes to sound. This is tough for children to master…

A helpful key stage 1 reading exercise

Download our free resource and share it with your class, it should help them to expand their knowledge on common letter strings and their various sounds.

Have the children read the groups of 3 words and then circle the word which doesn’t match the pattern of the correct sound! There are 9 exercises for your pupils to try in total.

Download the Common Letter Strings worksheet.

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Talitha McLachlan

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Talitha worked as a primary and secondary teacher for 9 years before turning her hand to writing. She is passionate about effective education of children and supporting teachers to do this. In her free time, Talitha enjoys sewing, films, and spending time with her two cats.
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