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Christmas Crafts: Arctic Adventure Scene

11 Nov 2020 | Inspirational Activity Ideas, Nursery and Early Years

This Christmas, we want to make sure your children have some easy, fun, and creative Christmas craft ideas to make at home or in the nursery. We’ve put together a number of how-to guides with different crafts for the festive season, with some resource recommendations to help.

This Christmas craft how-to blog will bring you all the steps you need to create your very own Arctic Adventure play scene!

What you will need:

How-to create:

Step 1: Take your exploration tray – you can also use play trays or even a cardboard box – and fill it with the sparkle snow sand. This is a perfect base for your arctic adventure scene, but you can use other things such as cotton pads if you need to.

Step 2: Start to create the different accessories for your scene. You may already have an image in mind of how you want it to look, or you may not. So, we will take you through how we did it.

Step 3: Paint and decorate your Papier Mache roe deer and Christmas tree/s. You can use paint, glitter, pom poms, card cut outs, tissue paper. You may decide to use bright Christmas themed colours or keep everything white and sparkly. Whatever works best for you!

Step 4: Create little signs or a pathway in the artic adventure. We created a north pole sign to give it a real Christmassy feel.

Step 5: Use the dolly pegs as people! You can create different characters – elves, Santa Clause, reindeers, eskimos or snowmen to name a few.

Step 6: Once you have built the base of your arctic adventure scene, and added all of your characters and Christmas accessories, you can sprinkle with glitter to bring it to life! Not only will you have tons of fun creating the scene, it will allow for hours of play afterwards and also make a beautiful display in the home or at nursery.


Make sure you share your arctic adventure creations with us on Instagram, by tagging us at @hope_earlyyears.

We hope you enjoyed this craft, check out our Inspirational Activity Ideas section for more of the same. Merry Christmas!

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