Christmas Craft: Cherished Nativity Scene


Gather your little elves and embark on a special craft project that goes beyond arts and crafts. It’s about nurturing imagination, instilling the spirit of the season, and creating a cherished nativity scene that will be a source of inspiration, in any classroom or nursery for years to come.


Step 1. Choose roles

– Let each child choose their character: Mary, Joseph a wise man, baby Jesus or even an animal!


Step 2. Let the crafting begin

– Use skin tone and glitter paint to add a festive glow to craft rolls ( or even toilet roll tubes)
– Adorn with felt to help shape each individual character and add ribbon details for extra charm
– Add wiggly eyes to really bring characters to life and use pens bring out facial expressions
– Transform egg trays into cute nativity sheep.


Step 3: Set the scene

Ask children to arrange all of their nativity creations, and watch as their faces light up with festive joy. Don’t forget to add some sparking snow, to really give that wintery feel!


Christmas craft: nativity scene

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