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Bonfire Night crafts: Firework rolls

7 Sep 2020 | Inspirational Activity Ideas, Nursery and Early Years

We’ve put together this Firework craft perfect for Bonfire Night. A step-by-step guide to creating fireworks with children using art and craft resources. Simply make sure you have everything you need from our list below and follow the steps to make your own Bonfire Night Fireworks.


You will need:

Sturdy Craft Rolls

Tinsel Pipe Cleaners

Mixed Stars Assorted Pack

Classmates Paint

PVA Glue

Step 1:

To start off your firework craft, cover your craft rolls in paint or tissue paper (whatever you prefer) and decorate using glitter, card, stickers and whatever else you like. Leave to dry

Step 2:

Apply some PVA glue to the inside of your craft roll once it’s dry, and stuff it with tissue paper. Let the tissue paper hang out of the craft roll to give a firework effect.

Step 3:

Use pipe cleaners to bring your fireworks to life. Place them inside the craft roll (where you put the tissue paper) and let them hang out. You can add stars, glitter, stickers, and other decorations to finish off your fireworks!


Easy to follow? We’d love to see the finished result! Once you and the little ones have completed the craft, take some photos, and tag us on Instagram or tweet us @hope_earlyyears. You can also share with us on Facebook at Hope Education UK.

If you like this, and want to see more how-to craft activities, head to our inspirational activities section of the blog.

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