Back to school display board ideas

back to school display board ideas- motivational classroom displays

Back to school display board ideas

The teacher’s classroom should be a beacon of inspiration to inspire children and motivate them to learn. A great way to do this is by simply decorating the classroom with various displays. These can include pictures, phrases, charts and colour to inject some fun into everyday learning.

Need inspiration or ideas for your school display board? Look no further as we have a few wonderful examples that are perfect for pupils to arrive back to school to. Check out these fun school display ideas from teachers via Pinterest.


Classroom organisation reminders

Tired of constantly tidying the classroom to keep everything organised? Get some help from your pupils by setting up a classroom organisation reminder display. Think of simple tasks that children can do and pop them onto a board like this example below. Each pupil can have their own stick, and they can choose what job they would like to do.

This is a perfect display for when pupils arrive back to school so they can get used to these jobs and get in a routine to keep the classroom tidy!




Showcase classroom expectations

One of the best back to school display board ideas is to showcase your classroom expectations. Having this shows pupils what is expected of them when they are learning.

It’s best to have this ready for the beginning of the new school year so children can absorb this and adhere to them. Have this display up all year round to keep reminding pupils of how to behave in the classroom.



Inspire with affirmations

Provide your pupils with positive thinking and a self-esteem boost by creating your own affirmation station. Surround your classroom mirror with kind words of encouragement and reassurance.




Ask for a break display

School days can often be stressful for children, and they can start to feel overwhelmed. Let your pupils know that it’s okay to take a break when feeling this way with an ask for a break school display board. Use the example below as inspiration to create your own so that children feel comfortable knowing they can take a breath to calm down.



Make a resource wall

Help vital subjects stay put in pupils’ brains by making a resource wall. You can display key information about different subjects like the example below. Once children have learnt and done some work on the subjects, you can also add their work, so they have a reference to return to.



First day feelings display

Give a warm welcome to pupils especially if you have a new class with a ‘first day feelings’ display. Create name cards where pupils can put how they are feeling on the first day, so you know how to aid each child. You can then update this to how are you feeling today for the rest of the year so you can help your pupils as much as possible.



Showcase pupil’s hard work

Create an amazing school display board that will showcase pupil’s hard work. This is perfect for the back-to-school period to have set up so that during the school year, you can put up any or all work that is done. Make sure to include every pupil at some point so they can feel proud of their work and be motivated to learn.


Remind to be kind

Encourage your pupils to have a positive attitude toward others with a reminder to be kind display. You could put some motivational quotes up about kindness for children to see. You could also have a wall or door where children write down what they think kindness is and display this throughout the year. Check out the idea before as an example of what you can do with this display idea.


Promote inclusivity & diversity

Inclusivity and diversity are cornerstones of the modern classroom. They are great reminders to children to accept one another and treat each other equally. This arty display shows the message of inclusivity and diversity in the best way by using children’s artwork of themselves.


Provide motivation

It is important for your classroom to be full of motivation for children to encourage them to learn and strive to do their best. A great way to motivate children is by showing them how to grow their mindset when they are stuck or hard on themselves. This example is a fantastic way to visually captivate pupils’ attention and help them change their mindsets to get out of a rut.



Have any ideas and inspiration of your own that you would love to share? Head to our Instagram page and share your back to school display board ideas with us!

Use these creative and different back to school display board ideas to create motivational, educational and helpful displays for the return of your pupils. These will brighten up your classroom while providing children with key information and inspiration that they can constantly go back to. Get them involved with helping create displays by using their work too!

For more inspiration, check out our top tips for creating display boards blog.

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