Back to school checklist for teachers

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Back to school checklist for teachers

It’s nearly time to settle back into the classroom as back to school is approaching quickly. September can be a very busy time for teachers while getting back into the swing of things. This can make being prepared and organised on the first day extremely difficult.

It is best to start preparing as early as possible as the first day can be a whirlwind with potentially new pupils to deal with. To help you be as organised and prepared as possible we have created a useful back-to-school checklist for teachers. You can download our checklist and tick off tasks to sort as you go. This way you can do bits at a time and know where you are up to ready for the hectic period.


Our downloadable back-to-school checklist

Make your busy new school year slightly easier with our back-to-school checklist. There’s nothing worse than remembering everything you need to do before you head back into the classroom. It can be difficult to note down the necessities from the top of your head. Use our checklist to help you remember everything important to be fully prepared for the new school year.

You can download this and check items off as you go along to ensure you return to the classroom organised and as stress-free as possible. Download here and get started!


back to school checklist for teachers

Importance of a checklist for teachers

Following a checklist enables teachers to make sure they have everything needed for the new school year. It also helps with not forgetting necessary items. Checklists are perfect for a fresh start to keep yourself organised and in control.It is also important to remind yourself of simple tasks that look after your well-being as well as everything for the classroom. So, having a varied checklist like ours, gives you a visual reminder to put yourself first not just the classroom. Doing this can be difficult and many teachers often forget when they are focusing on their pupils and the busy period.

Checklists also make sure that tasks get done as you have a visual reminder in sight. You can also add to the checklist when you are reminded of other tasks to do or items to buy. Teachers can easily start tasks and not finish them due to juggling multiple things at once. Make sure to have your checklist in a place you look at a lot, so you are constantly reminded. It may be a good idea to print multiple copies of the checklist to have in different locations.


Don’t forget

There are a few tasks that may slip your mind that you can add to this checklist if needed. If you haven’t before the summer holidays, tidy and organise the classroom ready for pupils to settle in. Create a chart with locations of items for children to see so they can independently put items back and find where everything is. Doing this ensures your classroom stays tidy and clean for longer.

Another task you can do before pupils arrive is creating your classroom displays and creating a seating plan. This is crucial if you have new pupils coming into your classroom so that they can mingle with each other and feel welcome.

Finally, don’t forget to check in with your colleagues or introduce yourself if you or someone else is new. Gain tips and potential friends with a simple friendly chat. You could even have lunch with some colleagues when possible, to make sure you enjoy a decent break with no temptations to do work.



Use our back-to-school checklist for teachers to be organised and prepared for the new school year. Start this as early as possible so the first day isn’t as hectic as it could be. Our back-to-school checklist is great for keeping on top of classroom essentials, personal items needed and key tasks that look after you, your pupils and your classroom. Add any other tasks or items that pop into your head to this checklist so you don’t forget and enjoy heading back into the classroom!

For more back to school advice and inspiration check out our must have back to school classroom essentials blog.


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