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Ancient Egypt topic hub: Classroom resources for KS1 and KS2

The Ancient Egyptians have arguably the richest and interesting history of any ancient civilization. That makes it the ultimate topic to take to the classroom! And Hope Education are making it easier than ever with the Ancient Egypt topic hub.

Here in the Ancient Egypt topic hub, you have everything you need to teach Ancient Egypt to your class over the next term. From free worksheets, resources and handouts to craft ideas and wall display walkthroughs, our topic hub has it all.

Ancient Egypt Resources

Courtesy of the Scholastic Resource Bank

Ancient Egypt timeline

Explore the key events of the time with these timeline flashcards.

How mummies were made

Fascinate your class with this step-by-step guide to how mummification took place.

Label the map

Travel down the river Nile and label up this map with all the significant landmarks.

Crack the hieroglyphic code

Challenge your pupils with this worksheet mixing historical symbols with coding skills.

Glossary and vocabulary sheet

From amulet to Pharaoh, a vocab list of many of the key terms from the period.

Howard Carter and Tutankhamun

Discover one of the most captivating stories in all of history with these worksheets.

Ancient Egyptian facts and activity ideas

Ancient Egypt activity ideas

Make learning all about the Ancient Egyptians fun with these 13 varied activity ideas. Included in the list is:

  • Creating your own Egyptian God
  • Problem solving with the Great Pyramids
  • Learning about the daily lives of children at that time

26 fun facts about Ancient Egypt

Great for icebreakers at the beginning of class, or just to break up a lesson with something that’s a bit different, we’ve got 26 incredible facts that will amaze your class. They include:

  •  What the Egyptians used to treat infections
  • How many metres of bandages were typically used during mummification
  • Why Shesmu and Mafdet are probably the most obscure of the Egyptian Gods

More creative classroom ideas

How to craft a clay pyramid

Get interactive when learning about the ancient pyramids with this fun and easy craft idea. Make your own pyramid from clay in just a few steps. Check out the 5 minute video above, or click the link below for a full written step-by-step guide.

How to create an Ancient Egytian wall display

No term learning about the Ancient Egyptians can be complete without transforming your classroom. Bring your classroom to life with this amazing teacher-made Ancient Eyptian display. Follow the step-by-step guide.

Our top teaching resources for this topic

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