3 Quick and easy Easter craft ideas

23 Feb 2021 | Early Years, Inspirational Activity Ideas

Make Easter egg-stra special with these 3 quick, easy Easter craft ideas, full of inspiration and creativity, and perfect for early years. We’ll be giving you the step-by-steps to creating an Easter chick basket, some hatched eggs, and Easter greetings cards. So, let’s get started…


What you will need to decorate each craft:

Paint sticks

Mini fluffy chicks

Pastel tissue paper

Yellow feathers



Wiggly eyes

PVA glue



Chubby paint brushes

Non-spill paint pots


Easter chick basket

You will need: Easter Chick Craft Boxes

Step 1: Take your craft box and unfold it, to build it into a chick basket as seen on the photos

Step 2: Use the resources above to decorate, draw a face on the chick and add some wiggly eyes. You may want to do this before folding it out to make things easier – you decide!

Step 3: Add yellow tissue paper inside the basket and fill with mini fluffy chicks and other little surprises like chocolate eggs.

Hatched eggs

You will need: Papier Mâché Eggshells

Step 1: Take your paint and pour into your non-spill paint pots.

Step 2:  With the eggshells, begin painting the outside shells being sure to put down some tablecloths or newspaper first.

Step 3: Leave the first coat to dry before painting on any other decoration.

Step 4: Use other resources and glue them on for decoration.

Step 5: Leave to dry before adding tissue paper and mini fluffy chicks

Step 6: Use these to create a beautiful display of the chicks hatching!

Greetings cards:

You will need: Easter Greetings Cards

This one is straight forward enough and won’t need a step-by-step as the cards are already decorated with a beautiful Easter theme at the bottom! Just simply fold the cards and decorate using paint sticks, paint, pom poms or any other materials you think will work, before adding a message inside!


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Happy craft-making!

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